We believe in the
power of work.


The power of work

For over 25 years, WCG Services have been partnering with governments and local agencies across Canada to create sustainable employment opportunities for people, businesses and communities.  WCG provides jobseekers with the support and programs they need and connects employers to their next great hire. We understand that the power of work gives hope, strengthens families, fills hearts and drives economic growth.


The partnership of knowledge

We take pride in WCG’s ability to be agile and move quickly to meet the challenges of a changing world. We look closely at best practices from industry innovators to identify key elements of success. After a thorough process of collaboration, we incorporate the most valuable component: the knowledge provided by individuals and organizations in the communities we serve.


A global leader delivering local solutions

WCG is part of the APM Group, which delivers employment and allied health services internationally. We are part of a network of 10 countries, and 6,000 people, serving over 450,000 people each year. We closely work with our colleagues across the globe providing WCG with access to resources and a global network of learning and sector innovation. In Australia APM is the largest provider of the Federal Government’s Disability Employment Services program, and our APM colleagues in the United Kingdom managed the Work Programme, helping people achieve employment in collaboration with service delivery provider partners. WCG and all APM organizations in our Group are aligned around our core purpose in enabling better lives.