We believe in the
power of work.

WCG has been providing workforce development services since 1994, when it started as a small HR consulting company with one modest contract. The company was named WCG, for West Coast Group, by our founders in homage to our Vancouver Island roots.


This fledgling company was firmly focused on providing on-the-job training for employees of small businesses and unemployed British Columbians. From day one, we wanted to help people achieve their potential in the workplace.


Our service offering quickly grew as we worked with thousands of businesses, as well as provincial and federal governments to equip clients with the skills and training employers need most.


In 2014 WCG proudly became part of Ingeus, a global employment services provider operating in 11 countries, this allowed us to access global resources and best practices.


Since 1994, our programs have helped over 160,000 Canadians, coast-to-coast, overcome barriers and receive the services needed to find and maintain employment and improve their quality of life. We continue to work hard, lead the way and raise the bar.


In 2017 we introduced Our Manifesto, a heartfelt articulation of our beliefs that brings our life to work. Our Manifesto is our declaration, our stance and our commitment to each other and those we serve. We’re proud to share it with you, not only in words, but in the services we provide.


In 2018, the Ingeus Group, including WCG, was purchased by Advanced Personnel Management (APM), a provider of employment, disability and health services operating across Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. APM, like WCG, is a purpose-led organization with a commitment to strong values and helping people lead successful and fulfilling lives. While operating independently in Canada, WCG has access to world-class resources and together with Ingeus and APM shares best practices from across the globe.