We believe in the
power of work.


The power of work

For over 25 years, WCG Services has been partnering with governments and local agencies to create sustainable employment opportunities for people, businesses and communities.  WCG provides jobseekers with the support and programs they need, and we connect employers to their next great hire. We understand that the power of work gives hope, strengthens families & fills hearts.


The partnership of knowledge

We are big believers in transforming to meet the challenges of a changing world. We spend a lot of time looking closely at best practices from industry innovators to identify key elements of success. After a thorough process of collaboration, we then incorporate the most valuable component: the knowledge provided by local communities. This partnership of knowledge formula has proven itself in British Columbia where WCG is the largest provider of WorkBC Employment Services for the Government of British Columbia operating 16 WorkBC offices across the province, many with local partners.


A global leader delivering local solutions

Today, WCG benefits from the global experience in designing and delivering local solutions that the APM Group provides in Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea and the USA.  With its association with APM Group, WCG has expanded its ties to a diverse range of public sector organizations around the world to become a global leader in employment service delivering local solutions. From the Department of Work and Pensions and the Education and Skills Funding Agency in the UK, to the Disability Employment Services of the Australian federal government, as serviced by the APM Group, WCG has increased its capacity to deliver a full range of innovative employment services to people, businesses and communities.