Calgary Career Hub Success Helps Others

August 9, 2018 by WCG Services

Martina wasn’t sure where to start when she lost her job as store manager after eleven years due to a store closure. After nine months of unemployment, Martina decided to seek the assistance of Calgary Career Hub, delivered by WCG Services. Martina hadn’t looked for work in over eleven years and was not up to date on job search best practices. She also feared that because most of her training and education was from Slovakia her job search would be impacted.


Martina participated in a variety of activities at Calgary Career Hub, including one on one sessions with the job developer and workshop facilitator to discuss job opportunities and target her resume, an employer spotlight series and six workshops, including Self-Marketing, Resumes that Get Read, Interview Skills, Networking and the Hidden Job Market, Progress Support Hub and Resume Day.


Martina also visited the centre twice a week on her own schedule to apply for jobs, receive feedback on applications and network with other participants.


Martina developed strong networking and self-marketing skills which helped her find employment as a customer engagement associate, a position that was not advertised. When speaking of her new job, Martina shares “I am absolutely happy at work. My working environment here is wonderful and I am paid for being somewhere I love to be … I receive lots of encouragement to learn and train for new skills.”


During and since participating in Calgary Career Hub Martina has helped others on their journey to employment, she helped her peer participants and recently helped a friend with his resume that caught the attention of a prospective employer. Martina admits she was skeptical of Calgary Career Hub at first, but now she recommends Calgary Career Hub to jobseekers who visit an organization where she volunteers to participate in mock interviews. She shares, “I was very skeptical of Calgary Career Hub at first, I had been applying for jobs for a year and did all I could with other services but did not have success – I received no phone calls from my applications. After the information session, I was sold on Calgary Career Hub, it was very different from anything else I had experienced. The staff are highly professional and work with a big heart and honesty.”