A Fresh Perspective – Doug’s Success Story

November 28, 2018 by WCG Services

Doug had the skills and experience necessary to be a great employee, but he was not hearing back from employers. Frustrated, he decided to try a different approach to his job search and came to the Calgary Career Hub (CCH). The biggest barrier to employment for Doug was that he had been out of the workforce for over two years and was no longer confident marketing himself to employers. Doug took advantage of all that CCH had to offer.

The Job Developer worked one-on-one with him, providing job leads and connecting him with recruiters. The Workshop Facilitator and Resource Room Coordinator also worked with Doug to make his resume the best marketing document it could be. Doug attended several workshops as well as a Career Fair open only to CCH clients, where he could connect with employers.

Doug found the interactive activities, such as Speed Interviewing and Progress Support Hub to be of particular value. In these sessions, CCH participants shared and received feedback on their roadblocks to employment. This networking gave Doug the opportunity to hone communication, situational, and improvisational skills in a fun and friendly environment.


“CCH provided me with a fresh perspective on my approach, an environment to hone my skills, and a supportive team behind me.

Not only are CCH counsellors skilled in their roles and provide excellent coaching and advice, but their approachability and genuine support for the individuals in the program was very appreciated.”


At CCH, Doug practiced his elevator pitch (a short description of himself) and answered interview questions. He identified his strengths and what traits and experiences make him stand out from other candidates. Then he took these newfound skills out into the real world: he found a position of interest, figured out who to talk to, and followed up appropriately. His hard work paid off. After a lengthy three-interview process and three-week background screening, he landed the job!


Finding a great job in his industry has made a big difference in Doug’s life. He has returned to work to build on ten years of prior experience. There is a familiarity in his new role, and it is an environment where he knows he can succeed.