Finding Confidence in Leadership

August 15, 2018 by WCG Services

After two years of being unemployed, Tess’s confidence had spiraled downward to the point where she was afraid to apply or interview for jobs and, even though previous employers recognized her potential to grow into a leadership position, she lacked confidence in her ability to lead. That’s when she sought the help of LevelUp, delivered by WCG Services.


Tess had taken leadership training before immigrating to Canada, but due to cultural differences, she found her skills were not transferable. With the help of LevelUp, Tess participated in workshops on resume building, interview skills, public speaking, and project management. Through group sessions and presentation work, Tess began to build new skills and boost her confidence. She was receptive to suggestions and ideas and was willing to grow beyond her comfort zone.


Tess kept a positive and professional attitude and saw her confidence start to increase. She credits her confidence boost to the guidance of the LevelUp team. “Everything I learned in the LevelUp program geared me towards the job market and boosted my confidence level.” With constructive feedback, activities, and workshops, Tess gained confidence in herself, her strengths, and her ability to speak in front of others.


Since completing LevelUp, Tess has found a job as a Loans Specialist. She was able to land a job that aligned with her experience and was able to negotiate her terms of employment. Tess says that LevelUp “helped me achieve my goal – that of gaining confidence – confidence in myself and in my abilities – which resulted in my being able to find a job very much aligned to my experience.”