Tapping The Hidden Job Market – Kelly’s Success Story

December 15, 2018 by WCG Services

Kelly was getting interviews but was not getting job offers. He had been unemployed for a year when he found Calgary Career Hub (CCH) online and applied.


The main goals identified for Kelly were to help him feel confident in answering interview questions and to give him strategies so he was comfortable networking. He was encouraged to use networking to discover jobs in the hidden job market. Although his resume was getting him interviews, they were with companies that were not the best fit for him. Kelly worked with the Job Developer and together they came up with a plan for conducting informational interviews with companies that Kelly was interested in working for. CCH’s Workshop Facilitator and Resource Room Coordinator helped him with his resume and cover letter and advised him on which skills to highlight for each position.


At CCH, Kelly attended all scheduled workshops, including Self-Marketing and Speed Interviewing, to gain new tools. He asked questions and was open to feedback to improve his performance. He also took time to work on his self-confidence. He learned to clearly articulate what he was good at and why he would be an asset to a future employer. Kelly is now working full time as a Project Coordinator!

“Landing a job that wasn’t posted online was the best part of CCH. It showed me that their advice works if you put in the work and make it happen.”


Kelly offered to share his successful experience with CCH clients by presenting at the CCH centre. Kelly provided encouragement and he also motivated clients to network their way to a job. His presentation was attended by 20 clients and was appreciated by all.