Learning About Canada Leads to Success

October 4, 2018 by WCG Services

Bahjat immigrated to Canada in 2017 bringing with him a wealth of sales experience in the construction and fabrication industries, where he had led sales teams of 5 to 10 people and 35 to 40 factory workers. He had managed projects ranging from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000. He also held a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences. He struggled to find meaningful work in his area of interest and soon recognized a need to improve his understanding of the Canadian work culture and hiring practices. That is when he heard about the LevelUp program.


One of Bahjat’s biggest challenges was his confidence in his ability to communicate effectively and transfer skills from his Syrian culture to the Canadian workforce. The LevelUp classes helped him develop communication skills and he was eager to apply those skills in his future workplace.


With guidance, Bahjat learned to target his resumes and cover letters to job postings. The classes he attended helped him work on his leadership, project management and time management skills. He also participated in Mock Interview sessions to work on answering questions with confidence. With the support of his classmates, and his willingness to participate whole-heartedly in all LevelUp activities, Bahjat gained an understanding of Canadian workplace culture and what he needed to do to be a successful supervisor or manager in Canada.


With his newfound knowledge and confidence, Bahjat secured a role as a Production Manager in the Construction Industry, after only 11 months of job seeking in Canada. Bahjat says “I am a success because I was able to understand different cultures while in the LevelUp program, to embrace diversity, and to work with people from different cultures. I have learned a great deal about Canadians and now I can handle different challenges that come my way in work and in life more successfully”.


The LevelUp team credits Bahjat’s success to his positive attitude and active participation in the program. Bahjat was focused on meeting and speaking comfortably with people. He recognized that it would be a key requirement in his search for a suitable professional position. Thanks to the LevelUp Program, Bahjat can continue on his career development, confident that he has the skills to be successful.