Learning to Job Search and Interview with Confidence

September 6, 2018 by WCG Services

Qamar was a recent graduate with a very specialized skill as a Chemical Petroleum Engineer.  Timing was Qamar’s biggest challenge in his job search. While Alberta has been recovering from the recession, and there has been some strong economic growth, the market is still saturated with engineering candidates. After three months of applying and no interviews, he realized he needed help. At Calgary Career Hub delivered by WCG Services, Qamar found the training he needed.


One of Qamar’s biggest concerns was that he felt that he did not know how to express his newly gained education and his past management experience in a resume. Calgary Career Hub helped Qamar write two resumes, one focused on his customer service background and one focused on his engineering education. Qamar was actively applying for positions before he came to Calgary Career Hub.  He had applied for more than 50 jobs, but he had not received a single interview. After adjusting his resume and getting some one-to-one coaching, he applied for five jobs and got four interviews.


Resume support wasn’t the only help Qamar received. He also completed workshops on Work Search in a Recession, LinkedIn for the Professional Job Seeker and Interview Skills. When it came to interview skills, Qamar felt that he didn’t know what to research, how to research, or how to answer the unexpected questions.  Now Qamar states, “If someone asks me, ‘If you were a tree, what tree would you be and why?’ I would totally know how to answer it!”


Qamar realized that in the current labour market, it was hard to find an engineering position, but there were other opportunities where he could use his skill set. Qamar decided that he needed to focus on a “for now” job to get himself working. To assist him in seeking an appropriate alternative career, the Calgary Career Hub team helped him complete career exploration self-assessments. Qamar discovered that his skills would fit well in the Security Sector. Once Qamar had a focus the Calgary Career Hub Job Developer provided him with job leads and sent him to a hiring fair to meet employers in the Security Sector.  Now, Qamar has found employment full-time as a Security Guard.


He credits Calgary Career Hub with helping him understand the job search, “I was unable to translate myself onto paper when I came here.  Before I was also scared of interviews, now I am more confident…. I am helping others now, sharing knowledge about resumes and interviews and research. “The Calgary Career Hub staff credit Qamar’s success to his focus, and the fact that he treated his job search like a full-time job. He was not only receptive to feedback but also implemented suggestions for improvement quickly. While Qamar is working full time, he states that he is prepared and able to apply for any job opportunities now or in the future.