Excelling With Management Skills – MyAn’s Success Story

December 14, 2018 by WCG Services

MyAn was under-employed for six months, and as someone who likes to keep busy, was feeling highly anxious to get back to work. With increasing pressure from her family and decreasing self-confidence, she was even considering roles that were below her skill set. Her most recent experience was in non-profits, but she hoped to return to industries of education and technology to pursue her true passion – data analytics. She sought out LevelUp, delivered by WCG Services.


As an English-as-a-Second-Language immigrant and self-identified introvert, MyAn felt she lacked assertive communication skills and wasn’t sure how to approach some difficult conversations in the workplace. When introducing herself in seminars and workshops, she remembers how terrified she was to participate, where “even thinking about it would give [her] a stomach ache.” With experiential group-based classroom activities and one-on-one coaching from LevelUp, she was able to practice her communication for leaders in a supportive environment. She appreciated learning how to use assertiveness in conflict resolution “while maintaining kindness and respect and refraining from negative competition.”


MyAn benefited from the LevelUp program material which built on her management skill set, and “love[d] how it covers every aspect in depth and covers everything you need, the material is holistic and useful not just for leaders, but a reminder of what I’ve learned in my business degree.” With guidance from staff, she became active on her revamped LinkedIn profile, created a portfolio website, revised her resume and cover letter, and prepped for interviews. At her interviews, she conveyed her refined elevator pitch and gave answers with stronger stories. She is proud of being much more comfortable in groups, grateful to be connected to her group of classmates, and confesses that she is even now “addicted to networking.”



Near the end of the program, MyAn was able to land a role in her desired field and is now employed as an Event Data Coordinator where she combines her skills and passion. She attributes to the staff for “instilling confidence and positivity to help you keep going” and now has “a much more positive outlook in life.”