A New Career and Diverse Skills

July 10, 2018 by Ryan Gallant

Kitchen Designer Debra had recently put her diverse skill set to work as both an assistant controller and a project coordinator involved in two major airport projects. Once the airport projects wrapped up, Debra found herself unsure of where she could apply her skills next. She was unemployed for three months before seeking help from Calgary Career Hub delivered by WCG Services.


The Calgary Career Hub team found that Debra faced two barriers in her job search. She had a great set of diverse skills but was not properly marketing them to employers and she did not have a strong support network. The CCH team helped Debra to overcome these barriers by selecting activities from the suite of services available. Debra participated in eight one-on-one sessions with staff where job targets and resume techniques were discussed and job offers were evaluated. Debra attended over ten of the available workshops, including:


  • LinkedIn for the Professional Job Seeker
  • Self-Marketing
  • Resumes that Get Read
  • Wellness Hub – Job Search, Anxiety & Coping Strategies
  • Interview Skills
  • Getting Past the Hiring Assessment


Debra energetically focused on her job search and took full advantage of the many resources Calgary Career Hub offers. She learned to use her wide-ranging skills to her advantage and how to apply her transferable skills when targeting her resume to job postings. Her persistence and aptitude for learning paid off as Debra secured full-time employment as a kitchen designer. “I was able to overcome overwhelming obstacles with the help and guidance of the staff at Calgary Career Hub, I appreciate their encouragement, direction and patience,” she shares. “I have a new career path that matches my diverse skill set and gives me more balance with the new requirements of my life.”


To find how Calgary Career Hub can help you to find work again quickly, visit us online at www.calgarycareerhub.com