Retrains for Work After Health Setback

September 5, 2018 by WCG Services

Melody experienced a medical condition that left her with a disability and that required she work from home. Due to her change in circumstances, her skills and professional training were suited to roles that she could no longer work in. She looked at different employment options but she was unsure about how to move forward and was unemployed for two and a half years when she visited WCG’s WorkBC Employment Services Centre in Smithers. She decided to try WorkBC when a friend of hers said that it had helped her to find work.


When Melody joined the WorkBC Centre, she worked with a case manager and received the Disability Related Employment Needs Assessment. She also took advantage of the Centre’s wide service offerings. Melody attended a series of workshops, underwent skills training, received financial support, and used the self-serve supports available. Melody appreciates the personalized supports WorkBC provided, saying “WorkBC helped me with learning about job field research, [and finding] what employment was ‘out there’”. Melody also received coaching on writing her resume, practicing being interviewed for jobs and knowing how to interact with potential employers.


With financial support from the Centre, Melody went on to study medical transcription. “This was an incredible help to me and a real privilege to be able to take this training”, she says. After her studies, she successfully passed the program’s tests and participated in job interviews. She now works as a Healthcare Documentation Specialist for which she works from home to transcribe audio medical reports sent to her and that she returns online. She receives full support from her employer and “is doing what she set out to do” – working from home, having flexibility and earning an income.


To learn more about how the WorkBC Employment Services Centre in Smithers can help you to retrain for a new position, drop-in to the centre or visit its website at