Since 1996, we’ve partnered with over 490 community based-training institutions, 59 specialized assessors, 61 community agencies and 107 community social service agencies throughout British Columbia.


Since 1996, we’ve partnered with over 490 community-based training institutions, 59 specialized assessors, 61 community agencies and 107 community social service agencies throughout British Columbia. WCG embraces the concept of “one client, many helpers.” We believe in always working in the best interests of our clients to help move them toward employment—and we know partnerships are the best way to do this.

With Formal Partners

We have extensive experience working with other service delivery professionals in formal partnership relationships to meet the needs of our clients.

For example, in Ontario we partner with the City of Ottawa to deliver components of their Partners for Jobs program, providing technology and job development services and engaging with employers across Eastern Ontario to support job placement of Ontario Works participants. As well, we work with the Region of Peel’s Employment Placement Program to provide job matching technology support. We have a strong partnership with March of Dimes Canada to deliver Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services (CVVRS), placing medically released Veterans into civilian employment. We have worked in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in the past and continue to be active members.

In Alberta, WCG has established linkages to community agencies in Calgary through our EmployMe Calgary program. EmployMe Calgary is a referring partner with WINS Free Goods Referral Program, the Walk in Closet and Dress for Success. We collaborate regularly with community professionals such as the Credit Counselling Society of Canada, Calgary Workers’ Resource Centre, Employment Standards, City of Calgary Youth Employment Program, Calgary Housing, Women in Need Society, Community Kitchen Program, Woods Homes and the Calgary Public Library. These organizations and others have and continue to deliver educational workshops, build networks for work experience placements and provide contacts to support our clients’ needs.

In BC, we deliver the Employment Program of BC (EPBC) program in six communities and co-locate with six other service providers to collaboratively deliver employment services to Expected-to-Work (ETW) and other job seekers. In addition, we work as a subcontract partner co-locating in eight other BC communities. In our ServiceAbility Training Program in Courtenay, we formally partner with the local Chamber of Commerce to provide employer connections for work experience and job placement opportunities for our clients.

We collaborate with hundreds of other organizations that have supported and continue to support our clients over the last 20 years.

With the Community

We are also committed to participating in events that include community professionals and stakeholders, hosting open houses and providing information sessions to staff and clients at community locations. Community professionals are kept informed about our program through on-site visits, emailed program updates and regular provision of program materials (such as brochures and posters) as needed to ensure stock is maintained. Follow-up is vital to strengthening a working relationship and building mutual referrals.

Through Memberships

Another aspect of developing working partnerships is through WCG staff memberships in various professional associations and adhering to their strict Codes of Ethics. These include:

  • BC Career Development Association
  • Career Development Association of Alberta
  • Private Career Development Contractors Association of Alberta
  • College of Vocational Professionals
  • College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada.

WCG and staff are active members of the Alberta and Calgary Chambers of Commerce, the Career Developers Association of Alberta and the Private Career Development Contractor’s Association of Alberta, and we have a collaborative working relationship with Literacy Alberta and Decoda Literacy Solutions (formerly Literacy BC).

We are a long-standing member and partner of the BC Chamber of Commerce, and WCG staff are members of the BC Career Development Association, VRA Canada and the BC Human Resources Management Association.

With Employers

Effective employer recruitment is a partnership relationship that is a critical component of WCG’s vocational rehabilitation and employment programs. Through our established connections with over 60 000 employers across the jurisdictions in which we have operated, we understand how to interpret labour market trends that lead to employment and independence for our clients. Our services are responsive to the hiring needs of communities and ensure clients are supported in achieving sustainable employment as quickly as possible.

It’s a win-win partnership—we develop working relationships with employers to learn their requirements and determine if we can help them to find suitable candidates. We then engage with them to identify potential opportunities that suit our clients’ interests, skills and abilities. This also allows us to prepare program clients to meet those needs.

Once the job is secured, WCG helps employers to accommodate their new employees, from supplying assistive devices and ergonomic upgrades to education, training and more.

WCG partners with employers who are interested in community involvement by inviting them to participate in the program by hosting work experience placements, acting as panelists during mock interviews, auditing classes and guest speaking. Having employers give presentations to clients showcases our programs and provides employers with opportunities to give feedback and promote their workplaces.

Employer spotlights, where an employer is invited to come in and speak to job seekers, also generate enthusiasm and provide motivation for job search. Employers are encouraged to send us their job postings, which we advertise within our employment centres and on our social media sites free of charge.

WCG has community marketers and job developers dedicated to creating and building partnerships with employers. Once a job placement is secured, these experts check in with employers and monitor client success to ensure placements are going well and/or to address any concerns.

With Other Service Providers

Conducting conversations to build partnership relationships as opposed to competitive relationships with community professionals provides the opportunity for clients to receive services that fit their needs.

WCG develops connections and works with other community professionals and stakeholders through constant communication with their managers, supervisors and frontline workers. By being inquisitive, taking interest and learning as much as possible about other community programs, we can ensure that our clients receive the most appropriate, beneficial information and referrals, and that individuals who are not suited to our suite of services may be properly referred elsewhere.