PEAK Training and Development

WCG is a leader in delivering workforce development services. Collaborating with thousands of businesses—including local, provincial and federal governments—we develop and deliver exceptional training for adult learners of varying skill levels and backgrounds.

PEAK Training and Development

PEAK training focuses on retail customer service and sales and was developed by the Retail Council of Canada. WCG Services is licensed to deliver this PEAK Training Programs in British Columbia, Calgary and Toronto.

WCG offers two PEAK Training Programs: Service & Sales Training and Supervisory Leadership Training. Each module within these programs was developed from feedback directly from entrepreneurs about real-world skill gaps of their staff.

Employers report that PEAK graduates have a greater understanding of how to boost sales, deliver service that exceeds customer needs and effectively deal with objections. PEAK workshops include group work, self-reflection, role-plays and demonstrations.

PEAK: Services & Sales Training

Help your clients become sales and service-ready candidates employers want to hire. PEAK Service & Sales training is a three-day program, designed to give clients the skills necessary to succeed in the retail and service sectors.

This program includes six modules (three hours each):

Keeping the Customer Satisfied Introduces participants to proven techniques for satisfying every kind of customer and keeping them coming back

Managing Difficult Situations Examines a range of difficult situations in a service-oriented setting, and helps identify specific strategies that improve service effectiveness

Above and Beyond Helps identify personal strengths and strategies that maximize customer service behaviour to exceed expectations

Basic Selling Skills Explores how to conduct relationship-building sales conversations to produce results and encourage repeat business

The Psychology of Selling Insightful exploration of how different personality types affect how a sale is made and how a customer hears messages

Secrets to Increased Sales Professional strategies designed to increase sales by showing high-level respect and understanding when overcoming objections and closing deals


PEAK: Supervisory Leadership Training

Help your clients gain the skills needed to be hired as supervisors and managers in the retail and service sectors.

PEAK Supervisory Leadership training is a one and a half-day program designed to give clients leadership, coaching, supervisory, communication and team building skills.

This program includes three modules (three hours each):

Supervisory Skills—leading a team; dealing with common issues; organization and control

Management Leadership Skills—coaching; communication and compassion; facilitating solutions

Cultivating a Team Environment—forming, storming, norming and performing; motivating a team

Join the growing list of employers reporting successful hiring of PEAK-certified candidates:

  • Gap
  • Best Buy
  • Mark’s Work Warehouse
  • Superstore
  • Safeway
  • Auto dealerships
  • Casinos
  • 7-Eleven
  • Liquidation World
  • London Drugs
  • Denny’s
  • Newspapers
  • Hotels
  • Target
  • Tim Hortons
  • KMS Tools
  • Staples
  • Old Navy

WCG works with all kinds of learners. Our teaching methods include lecture, group and one-on-one coaching and role-plays. PEAK training is fun and interactive and allows learners to practice what they’ve learned.

About WCG’s facilitators

Our team of highly-qualified professionals includes certified career development practitioners, registered rehabilitation professionals and certified human resources professionals. WCG partners with the Retail Council of Canada to deliver this course material, and consistently receives high evaluations from workshop participants.

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