Learning and Development

WCG has worked with thousands of businesses—as well as with local, provincial and federal governments—to develop and deliver individual and group training programs for adult learners of varying skill levels and backgrounds.

Learning and Development

WCG encapsulates the meaning of “where careers grow” as a leader in delivering workforce development services. Collaborating with thousands of businesses—including local, provincial and federal governments—we develop and deliver exceptional training for adult learners of varying skill levels and backgrounds.

WCG’s client-focused approach brings human resource solutions to public and private organizations across Canada. We love bringing our expertise to help people live their best lives, enhance skill sets and strengthen workplaces. With 20 years of specialization in all aspects of workforce development, vocational rehabilitation and corporate training, we deliver.

About WCG’s facilitators

Our team of highly-qualified, experienced professionals is comprised of certified career development practitioners, registered rehabilitation and certified human resources professionals. With a focus on both the human and strategic sides of business, we have the expertise to design and implement cost-effective HR solutions.

Our experience is well-rounded, and our programs are specific to a diverse client base consisting of:


  • small business owners
  • executive and management professionals
  • trades professionals
  • retail professionals

Job seekers

  • career-driven workers in transition, including older and entry-level workers
  • newcomers to Canada
  • people with diverse-ability
  • those with multiple and persistent barriers to employment

Our programs are customizable to ensure clients achieve results.

To stay current in this rapidly changing global environment, we regularly enhance our offerings based on key indicators, labour market analysis and topics employers demand today.

Employment and career workshops

  • full collection of career development, job search, job interview and retention skill-set training

Workforce development workshops

Start planning a customized session for your team today. Email your request to Amanda Daignault, or call 1-604-202-1598.