We are WCG

Crysta Walski

VP People & Performance

Designations: CCDP, CPHR, RPT

“At WCG, I get to help create an environment where everyone can do their very best. We have the most amazing group of staff and to a person, the WCG team shows up every day, at every level, with commitment and enthusiasm. It makes my heart happy working with this team.”

Crysta joined WCG in 2000, and in her current role is responsible for ensuring that WCG staff across the country have consistent and authentic experiences—that practices and policies are the same in all offices.


“If I can help create a work environment where everyone can do their best, this helps our staff create the similar environment for our clients. When our staff are happy and comfortable, this ripples out to clients—whether individual job seekers or corporate clients.”


Crysta earned her MA in Leadership at Royal Roads University. Prior to joining WCG, Crysta worked as a career coach and taught English in South Korea.


“I believe deeply in the importance of strength-based leadership at WCG. By that, I mean that we all are born with certain strengths, things we’re really good at. We work hard here at identifying those individual strengths and then ensure we’re using those strengths. It makes for a work environment where everyone can do their very best, every day.”


Crysta is a long-time practitioner of yoga, and loves to do stand-up paddle-boarding.