We are WCG

Risë Bulmer

VP Business Development & Risk Management

Designations: CCDP, MBA

“At WCG, it’s great to be part of a team that is always looking for ways to improve on what we do, so that we can serve clients better. It’s a true organizational belief that everyone benefits from their own connection to community and work, at whatever level they’re capable of. And I’m proud to be part of a team that does so well at meeting clients where they are and supporting them in their journeys.”

Risë joined WCG in 2000, having previously designed and delivered federal self-employment programs for employment equity groups. Risë earned her MBA in Executive Management at Royal Roads University and has a UBC Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management, from the Sauder School of Business.


In her current role, Risë is responsible for project managing procurement opportunities, and coordinates business development for the WCG team. She has a particular interest in helping create a strong foundation for team-based development and growth – winning business.


“Finding new ways to deliver more value to our corporate clients, funders and job-seekers is always front-and-center for our organization. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to do what I do with the people I work with, because I get to see the real-life results. A client once said that we “hold that light of hope” for him, and that’s really what WCG does for people.”


Risë and her family love to travel. At home, a particular interest is socializing with a circle of friends with a passion and talent for culinary creations.