We are WCG

Tania Bennett


Designations: BA, CCDP

“WCG is about inspiration and impact—inspiring people to do and be their best. We have a responsibility to be inspirational. We serve people who have often lost hope and we are passionate about helping them find their way to achieve their goals. I’m thankful to be part of a team that inspires each other and creates real-life solutions to challenges.”

Tania Bennett leads the delivery of highly successful programs across Canada and supports WCG’s teams to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders, including clients and communities receiving services. Tania is passionate about leadership, service, excellence and culture. She believes that work can be transformational, and loves to help others achieve their best lives through work. Tania is proud to work with high performance colleagues while leading life-changing employment programs for WCG.


Tania joined WCG in 2000 and has carried forward a focus on diversifying services to a wider range of corporate clients, and strengthening relationships and partnerships. Prior to joining WCG, she worked for a Victoria employment agency delivering workshops on job search and life skills, and obtained a Journalism diploma in Edmonton and a BA in political science from UVic. Tania is currently completing her MBA with a specialty in Innovation Leadership.


“I encourage our team to find new approaches to inspire and engage our clients. When it comes to innovation, I get excited. We need to continually seek out new technologies and new approaches and see how we can apply those to changing people’s lives through employment that is meaningful to them.”


Tania highlights the WCG team’s success in enhancing the organization’s reputation as a trusted and accountable service provider, and its strength in providing efficient and effective services to government and the private sector.