WCG is a leader in developing and effectively using online case management technology. CaseFLO, WCG’s proprietary case management application, was developed to record client and employer information that is available in real time.


CaseFLO is a user-friendly web-based tool combined with a secure database to allow staff to input, retrieve and modify case information anytime, anywhere. CaseFLO’s direct data entry by field staff means increased data entry accuracy, lower data entry costs and increased efficiency in information sharing. CaseFLO also allows customers to gain operational efficiencies, manage finances and generate up-to-the second management reporting, and it can be scaled to accommodate any number of users.


CaseFLO is currently used by WCG and our partners across Canada. WCG has implemented case management technology solutions for municipalities, nonprofit organizations, private sector companies and to support large scale provincial and federal government employment and vocational services programs.


This highly secure and customizable system requires minimal IT support and training, and supports the delivery of small, community-specific employment programming as well as large national programs.


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