We are WCG

Risë Bulmer

VP Business Development & Risk Management

Designations: CCDP, MBA


Risë Bulmer has been leading WCG’s growth as Vice President of Business Development since 2015, with the added responsibility of risk management since 2018. Risë’s responsibilities includes oversight of the procurement projects within WCG, risk management, and compliance reporting. Her goal is to ensure WCG’s growth and continued operations are sustainable, mitigate risk, and align with the organizational values.


Risë has 25 years’ experience in program development and design, management and leadership in employment programming, including seven years’ experience in business development, procurement and project management, following 12 years in senior field delivery management positions. Risë was responsible for leading WCG’s competitive bid process that resulted in WCG currently holding the largest market-share in employment services delivery in BC. She continues to work towards WCG’s growth in new markets across Canada.


Risë’s education includes a Master of Business Administration in Executive Management and a Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management from the Sauder School of Business, University of BC. She believes in creating team-based strategic development that has a foundation of integrity, respect and innovation.