Employment Ontario

WCG is working closely with service delivery providers and other local stakeholders in the Peel region to create innovative approaches that assist people to gain job-related skills, find meaningful employment and to keep on working.



WCG is excited to play an integral part in the transformation of Ontario’s employment services system in its role as the Service System Manager (SSM) for the Peel catchment area. WCG brings a diversity of expertise and a collaborative approach to meet the employment and training needs of individuals, local employers and communities throughout the area.


WCG has adopted a vision for the prototype in Peel that is locally responsive and rooted in the region’s various communities, drawing upon the expertise and passion of a diverse and integrated network of service delivery providers and local stakeholders. It is a prototype that is client-centered, results-focused, and is designed to provide simplified and effective routes to finding sustainable solutions for individuals and businesses in a way that will ultimately
help all Ontarians find and keep good jobs.

Job Seekers

WCG is creating a locally responsive service-planning and delivery model which focuses on sustainable employment for workers. Our goal is to work collaboratively with service delivery organizations and other stakeholders to develop effective pathways for anyone seeking employment, including those in receipt of Social Assistance, people with disabilities, Indigenous people, youth, and Francophones to achieve sustainable employment. WCG is providing leadership to support the employment services system to work more effectively, so when people find themselves facing barriers to employment they receive the services needed to find and sustain a good job.


WCG understands the growing demands placed on Ontario employers to find the right workers with the right skills. With the benefit of input from local leadership and close collaboration with regional employers, WCG is engaging local organizations to inform adjustments to the delivery of employment services in a way that better matches employer needs and the diversity of the region of Peel labour market. Our goal is to develop this locally responsive and community-based approach to provide employers with candidates who have
the skills, training and attitude needed to help area businesses succeed.


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